Abu Dhabi Triathlon Race Experience

Quick Report: First I would like to thank Artistic Jewelers, the premier Jewelry retail establishment of the Caribbean, they helped to make the race possible. Awesome trip. Great value, as the race entry was less than $100. Abu Dhabi will be cheaper than IMCDA will be this year. If you have to fly to an […]

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2010 Bimbler’s Bash 10kish Race Report
Aaron Davidson at Bimblers Bash

This was my second trail race. This was the first time I was worried about greatly hurting myself during a race. In the week leading up to the race I studied past results and looked to see who was registered this time. I could not understand why all of the times were so slow. I […]

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New Bedford 1/2 Marathon RR

Woke up, I had ground my coffee, filled the maker with water and set the timer, so I woke up to a few great cups of 53x11coffee, oatmeal, sat around for awhile. Then realized I was still hungry so I had a slice of bread with Nutella on it, about to walk out the door, […]

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