2011 Year in Review

I had a great year.   Some highlights: I got to race in Abu Dhabi, this was my first race overseas and first trip to the Middle East. It was an incredible experience, while I did not place as well as I would have liked it was a very good trip. I did however catch […]

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Peter Reid & Jordan Rapp Interview

Really an awesome video with Peter Reid the greatest ever at the Ironman distance and Jordan Rapp. Really great tips on motivation, racing, sponsorship and dedication.   Really a great video.    

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2010 Bimbler’s Bash 10kish Race Report
Aaron Davidson at Bimblers Bash

This was my second trail race. This was the first time I was worried about greatly hurting myself during a race. In the week leading up to the race I studied past results and looked to see who was registered this time. I could not understand why all of the times were so slow. I […]

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