Tips For Buying Running Shoes

Buying a good pair of running shoes should be simple and fun, however even for the experienced running it can be a hassle. There are many running shoe specific terms, which I will not get into much since a good store should be able to guide you through the terms and to a correct pair […]

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The Importance of Sleep

The three pillars of health are fitness, nutrition and sleep. Sleep could outweigh either of the other two. While you could be active and eat well, not receiving enough sleep has numerous side effects beyond simply being tired. Sleep helps your body in a variety of ways, ever heard of beauty sleep? We are designed […]

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2010 Bimbler’s Bash 10kish Race Report
Aaron Davidson at Bimblers Bash

This was my second trail race. This was the first time I was worried about greatly hurting myself during a race. In the week leading up to the race I studied past results and looked to see who was registered this time. I could not understand why all of the times were so slow. I […]

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