Challenges at Work

For those of us that work in the service industry, we have a lot of challenges. Technology is changing, and so are the needs of our guests. They demand quicker service at lower price points and often at a much highly quality than we have delivered in the past.

We all have obstacles that work to prevent us from providing world class experiences. We all need to work and turn these obstacles into opportunities. Each obstacle is a temporary roadblock that forces us to slow down and evaluate how to become better. Better as individuals and better as organizations.

Given the current economic environment, it is not ok for any of us to sit idle and feel anxious about challenges, disappointments and rejections. The anxiety does not help, but if we look at these challenges, disappointments and rejections not as negative events but rather as gifts. We realize these roadblocks allow us to narrow our focus and hone in on where we need to improve and move forward.