New Challenges

I push those around me to try things, take on new tasks, reach, and strive for new challenges. I am good about pushing myself, but I need to set some big goals for 2014. Laying everything out there, I will start racing again while trying some new challenges. I would also like to secure two consulting gigs and a speaking engagement.

Last year I raced in just two road races. I was 22nd in a 5 mile trail race and 29th in a 5.5 mile road race with about 800 participants. The year before I raced in 6 or 7 bike races not including a weekly time trial series. Last year I also got married. This was by far my biggest accomplishment of the year and will continue to celebrate my marriage. My wife does not know it yet but I would like her to race with me once this year as well.


I am doing a Spartan Race in June. Work is hosting it, and my Vice-President drafted me to his team. We have challenged other Spartan Race Logodepartments at work. None of the distances in the Spartan series are far, but I need to work on re-developing some upper body strength. For years I have been trying to shed weight including excess muscle mass to make myself faster.



My daughter has been on a swim team for the past year so I have swam a handful of times. Once I build some endurance I will race at trileast two local triathlons. I loved racing them for years and had some great success in racing them. Racing bike races pushed me harder than anything I had ever done before, and would like to do another 40-100 mile road race. Triathlon is much about pacing an how fast you can go as an individual whereas in cycling and running it is about who shows up and strategy. Proper pacing and your fitness level matter, but so does strategy.



A few things for work. At work, I am looking to secure a new promotion and boost my income by 20%. Professionally I would like to secure two consultancy projects and secure a speaking gig. I talk/teach/present a good amount of the time at work, and I would like to parlay this public-speaking_2into something more. I have been approached to teach and will do so as well. Depending on what happens with expansion plans this year some of this could be incredibly easy.


Goals need to be specific, measurable,etc right? Its hard to make them too specific when they are emotion based. For those that are not based on emotions, I plan on traveling regionally with my wife and daughter. We are planning trips to Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia and all over Connecticut.  We are also planning a family trip to Paris and looking at a Christmas trip to Los Angeles to visit my sister in law. I will commit to working around the house with the specific goal of creating a play room for my daughter and a new work area for my wife and her gardening stuff.  On the feeling / emotion based side I just want to continue being a great father and a better husband to my wife.