Worst Travel Advice Ever

People who have never left the state or area in which they live love to give travel advice. Most of it is nonsense and based on no real facts. It is based on anecdotal stories told and re-told and re-told so that any truth has been stripped away. Travel. The water may not always be safe, you may not always have the best time of your life, but stories come from the times that are trying.

Take your kids, even if they do not remember the trip from when they are 1 or 2, they will still have pictures and talking about it will help install a sense of adventure. There will never be perfect time to travel, and there will never be a better time than now.

It is safer to stay home:

  • Everyone hates Americans
  • I heard that in <insert any country> if you are American they will kill, rape, and rob you.
  • If you do go, make sure you DO NOT LEAVE THE RESORT!

Why go?

  • You have everything you need here.
  • I heard the food is gross.
  • It costs too much
  • They don’t speak English
  • You are not going to have any fun
  • It’s too far

You are going to take you kids?

Travel with Kids
Travel with Kids
  • Your kids will not remember it
  • Kids will ruin the trip
  • It will cost soooo much more with kids
  • Kids? It’s not safe!

That water? Over there in the fountain? Yes of course “eet ez safe.”

I own a bar,why don’t you come up to the 6th floor in this building quickly.

I know some girls at a club, let’s go visit them.

Trust me, security is lax, you can take anything you want through.

I know a guy that can change your money at a better rate.
The single worst piece of advice ever is: Do not eat street food.