Top 6 Best Running Tips Ever

In my running career I have made many mistakes along the way. Some more painful than others. One thing I learned long ago was to run often and keep most of my running to an easy pace. Over time my easy pace has changed, and even today bounces within a range depending on how I am feeling on any particular day. Running is simple, many over think running and make it more complicated than it needs to be. Keep your workouts simple and you will enjoy them far more.

    • Just get out there and run. It is not that complicated. Put on your shoes and head out the door. Runners are made when they are running not when they are thinking about running. The single biggest piece of advice to running longer, Running_Man_Kyle_Cassidyfaster, better is to run more frequently. Shoot for 3x a week and build from there.
    • When increasing the amount of running you are doing add minutes not miles. Miles are made up of minutes, add minutes not miles. Miles may be too much for many. A mile might be 6 minutes or 12 minutes. Miles come with time, add minutes to your runs as you run longer.

          • Stay relaxed. Running should release stress not build or create it. Keep your body relaxed as you guy. You can easily build tension holding your shoulders up, or by keeping your mouth rigid. Focus on release and keeping everything as smooth as possible.
          • Do not run too fast. / Do not run too slow. You are in luck! This is a bonus two-part tip here. If you are new, run at a pace Running_Racethat is comfortable. Can you have an easy conversation? If yes great, if you think you could sing and party, then speed it up. If you can not talk then slow it down a bit.







          • Empty your mind. Stop listening to music unless of course you are in the gym on a treadmill. If you are running outside focus on the ground and what is around you. I guarantee that you will notice things in your neighborhood that you have never seen before.
          • Just because you are running does not give you license to over indulge. Take it easy on those nachos.


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