Simplify Life

These days we have an abundance of luxuries, but I’ve found that excess actually decreases my enjoyment of life. I have stayed at incredible hotels and resorts and been blown away by the service, but the trips have made me no more happy than when I have stayed in far more simple and less expensive accommodations.

Sure, we can get massive amounts of rich foods, feasting to our heart’s content, stuffing ourselves in alarming displays of gluttony … but is that really enjoyable on a regular basis? Does the food or drink not lose something when it becomes regular? Do you not start to worry about your weight or health?

And who does not love a great show on television? Television can be fun, and so can much of the internet, but if the TV is always on, or if we’re always connected, doesn’t that lower the fun factor? Does it not make you feel anxious that you are missing something?

Excess lead to all sorts of problems, but the biggest problem is that life is less enjoyable. Excess of anything is never good. Not even when it comes to exercise or beer.

I’ve found that simplifying things means I can savor life more fully. It allows me to slow down and take more in.

Savoring life starts with a mindset. We can all have this mindset. It’s a mindset that believes that excess, that rushing, that busy-ness, that distractedness, is not ideal.

It’s a mindset that tries instead to enjoy the little things in life. It is what we remember, maybe a walk with a loved one, a great book, a shared bottle of wine on a special occasion or laying outside under the stars with a child talking about life.

By slowing down and simplifying, we can take time to live our lives to their fullest.