Top Hotel Pet Peeves

Many of us have stayed at hotels (or a lot of hotels). While most generally do a good job, there are some pet peeves that really bother me. its not many, and most are pretty basic.


Slow drains. Clearly if I turn on my shower and the bottom begins to fill with water maintenance is slipping. It makes me think of what else may be wrong and yes I expect someone to fix immediately.

Motion sensored A/C. I like to sleep in the cold, I naturally sleep very hot. If the A/C shuts off in the middle of the night I am probably going to get a crummy night of sleep. Let me adjust.

Internet. Slow internet is probably my largest in-room pet peeve. Either offer a reliably decent connection or offer nothing, because your service that takes me 3 minutes to access Google is worse than nothing. I do not mind paying as long as the fee is reasonable and I receive a speedy connection. Most hotels is Asia get it and do a decent job.

Wired only internet. Get with the times and install wireless.

Fitness centers with limited hours. Give me 24-hour access. Most fitness centers are unmanned, and if I need something I can always go ask the front desk and ask early in the AM.

Poor water pressure. Did no planning go into your water system?

No hot water. Absolutely unacceptable.

Fixed hangars. Do people really steal these? Let me take it off so I can more easily get my pants or jacket hung.

Hidden Outlets. Give me easy access to recharge my devices. Renaissance by Marriott does an exception job.

Windows that let light in. I have both sets of curtains closed, there should be little to no light.

No recognition. Why ask if it is a special occasion or for additional notes at the time of booking if you never acknowledge what I wrote. Clearly you do not care.

An unclean room. More than anything I want my room to be clean. I want to walk around shoeless, I want my bed and pillows to be spotless and I want a bathroom that is clean and does not have any leftovers from the previous occupant.