Dinner at Nang Gin Kui – Bangkok

While setting up our recent around-the-world-honeymoon my wife requested that we have dinner reservations at least once in each place we visit. After reading reviews online about Bangkok I decided that Nang Gin Kui was the way to go.

Neither of us have ever had a dining experience like this and were excited to try it out. At first we were confirmed for the private dining option (our second) but then received confirmation that others would be eating with us. For this we were more excited.

We dined with two great bloggers from Hong Kong (read their review of our dinner at: www.thailandfans.com/blogs/details/1301), a couple and their young son.

You start your experience at a local hotel and walk about 10 minutes to a residential building. After going up a few flights of stairs in the elevator you come to a large apartment that has been converted to a dining establishment.

The dining experience is similar to one you might have at a friends home, trying quite a few dishes of food, sharing wine, chatting and laughing. It was a great experience and would highly recommend it to anyone else.

To book your own dinner please reach out through their website hosted on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nang.gin.kui