Sights and Sounds of Hong Kong

The streets and skyways of Hong Kong are filled with a constant noise and movement of life. During my first visit to Hong Kong, I must have been younger and more naive than I imagined. I felt at ease with the constant movement and flow. My second trip seemed more calm but on the verge of overwhelming.

If you are from a big city and enjoy city life, there is no better place to be than Hong Kong. If you enjoy exploring a new city on foot, Hong Kong might be an ideal place to visit as long as you do not mind being the only non-Chinese person in an establishment.

 I did not take many pictures of shopping life in Hong Kong, but let me assure you shopping is life in Hong Kong. The city has a small foot print but has more upscale shopping centers and stores than any other place on earth.

The food in Hong Kong can be incredible and at any price range, but overtime is becoming more westernized. Hong Kong is very much a city where an incredibly rich old eastern way of life still exists as the modern western world tries to claw its way in.

Hong Kong has the most modern/high tech offerings of the world, but at the same time construction is supported with bamboo. You can have a drink at the 118th floor of a building and just nearby buy ancient Chinese herbal products.