Honesty in Thailand

Thailand and its people will never be scam free or known as a place that is always above board. Others complain about the unfair/double pricing structure. As a foreigner you might pay 25baht ($0.80 USD) vs the Thai price on 10baht. Really what does the fifty cent price difference mean when you enter a museum?  I did want to however share some of our recent experiences.

Even when we were entering the Grand Palace, and people were trying to sell us pants, tell us the palace was closed or offering to take us to see other sights we did not feel like we were being scammed. WE knew we were, but the Thai people are genuine and will help even if they are running a scam. Its not like in America or Europe where people get aggressive.,After you repeat you are not interested the Thai people will offer genuine help and then leave you alone.

While staying at the Renaissance in Bangkok we sent some of our clothes away to be cleaned. A few hours later we had a message in our room letting us know that the cleaning staff had found a few hundred bahts in a pair of pants. They promptly returned the money. It was nice to know that the hotel staff was truthful and honest and that they were Thai.

My guess is that everything in Thailand is a result of Dharma and Buddhism. Why come back as something ugly or low when you could come back as a flower or butterfly? Even if you are running a scam, let it go there are others.


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