A Round The World Honeymoon

My lovely wife and I got married back in June. Her job was to plan the wedding and mine was to plan the honeymoon.


The wedding went off without a hitch, and everything was perfect. However due to work constraints we had to push our honeymoon off until late August.


We leave on August 21st from JFK and arrive back on September 6th. You might think how can this be a round-the-world trip, but due to clever planning it is. For a total of 140,000 US Airways miles we fly full business class (JFK-FRA-BKK-HKG-PEK-IAD-JFK).


I have flown around a million miles in my life, but I have never flown on an Airbus A380 or on the upper deck Boeing 747-400/800. During this trip I get to accomplish both.


Both of us are extremely excited for the trip, for her it is her first trip to Asia and my first trip to Thailand. As an Accor Platinum member and Marriott Gold member (on a Platinum challenge) we get a mix of free upgrades, club lounge access and added amenities.


Pretty complicated itinerary:

Flights Depart Arrive Airline
JFK-FRA 8/21 9:55pm 8/22 11:35am Lufthansa*
FRA-BKK 8/22 2:45pm 8/22 6:25am Thai Airways*
BKK-HKG 8/23 8:00am 8/23 11:45am Thai Airways*
HKG-BKK 8/26 6:15pm 8/26 8:10pm Sri Lankan
BKK-CNX (Chiang Mai) 8/29 1:05pm 8/29 2:15pm Thai Airways
Chiang Mai-Phuket 9/2 1:10pm 9/2 3:15pm Air Asia
Phuket-Hong Kong 9/5 2:45pm 9/5 7:25pm Thai Airways
HKG-PEK 9/6 12:45pm 9/6 4:00pm Air China*
PEK-IAD 9/6 6:25pm 9/6 7:55pm United*
IAD-JFK 9/6 10:00pm 9/6 11:21pm United*

The (*) flights are the flights we booked on miles. The rest were cash and we will earn some decent United miles on them.