Often that first step is the hardest or most complicated step to take. For many this first step is hard because it requires going into the unknown or beyond their comfort zone. It’s funny but you could have everyone rooting for you, and everything might seem perfect but if you take your focus off of your mission and crossing that finish line you start to focus on the “what if I fail?” Every person regardless of who they are goes through this in life, they could be a long time professional athlete, the President of the United States, someone showing up for their first time at a brand new job or starting a new fitness regime. The biggest thing you can do is re-center and focus on the positive aspects of your goal and what it means for you and those around you.

Fear prevents discipline in both your personal goals and exercise. Exercise rewards those that have discipline and perseverance. If you do not exercise it is often difficult to strengthen the internal watchdog that deals with your stress and negativity around you. This leads many into a catch-22 scenario in which by not exercising they place more stress on themselves for what they perceive as laziness on their part. Fear might be seen as the responsible factor for creating the largest chunk of would-be exercisers. What this means is that they would be exercisers and fit if they were not too scared to start or too scared of what other people might think.

Think of something you are afraid of, try to think of why you are afraid of this thing. Now remove the negative aspects of whatever it is. If you can remove the negative aspects of whatever this thing is all you have left is the positive. Now there is nothing left to fear!

For example we can take going to the gym for the first time. What are the other people there going to think? The exact same thing as you, they are all self-conscientious and looking to improve themselves.  I do not know where to start! Alright, ask. Most machines also have diagrams, but why read when you can ask employees, that is why they are there. People are going to laugh! At what, no one laughs at the gym unless someone knows a good joke.  To be frank no one is there to bother you, or be bothered by you. What if I get hurt? Call 911.

Once you strip those negative aspects away, all you have left is the positive and that is to create a better more healthy future for yourself and your family.

Sounds easy right? Not always. Once the pounds start dropping and you can see changes in yourself, on the scale, and the mirror it just becomes easier and easier.

Focus on today and what you can do today. Break down your goals to yearly then monthly then weekly and daily goals. When you can focus on a small aspect of that goal it is easier to get the ball rolling. Ironically this can lead to procrastination when you start thinking that what are those 60 minutes going to do? The dream of losing those 10 pounds or shaping your midsection in minutes has made many an infomercial producer quite a bit of money. There is not magic pill.

Accept that it will take time, break down your goals. Know that as you begin to move the ball forward it will gain momentum and build speed.

We have all been at that same point with a massive to-do list or that long-term goal we are hoping to accomplish some day. It’s not that we put it off too long; it’s too difficult, unrewarding, or we feel we are not skilled in what needs to be done. Sometimes, it involves facing a fear such as talking to someone we would rather avoid. We have all felt that emptiness in the pit of your stomach when we think too hard on the difficult big picture. Focus on today. Remove the negatives and all you have left are the positives.

Fortunately if you look back on your life you should find that unpleasant tasks have popped up in each aspect. Knowing Being certaining that you have dealt with unpleasantness in the past, should give you the strength to know that you  are more than capable of facing it again.
When you think of your goals and fears associated with them, focus on what you can do today. Remove your fears and:
  1. Focus on the positive
  2. Focus on your objective
  3. Focus on the goal
  4. Focus on the end solution
  5. Focus on your aim, narrow your focus
  6. Focus on your destination
  7. Know that you are not alone
  8. Make a decision
  9. Accept your decision
  10. Change slowly –> Incremental Change
  11. Procrastination starts with indecision. That’s when you cannot make up your mind, or you change your mind too often. Should I exercise now or should I wait until later? Later never comes.
  12. Do something now.
Do the benefits of succeeding outweigh the discomfort of making this decision? Yes! Know this. Focus on this. Again remove the negatives and you only have the positives. Once you rationalize your fear, it often fades. Move on. Face forward. Go out there and succeed.