2011 Year in Review

I had a great year.


Some highlights:

I got to race in Abu Dhabi, this was my first race overseas and first trip to the Middle East. It was an incredible experience, while I did not place as well as I would have liked it was a very good trip. I did however catch some sort of bug that hit when I got back and sidelined me totally for about two weeks post race and set the rest of the season back a bit.


Multiple age-group placings. I outright won my age group in a large 5k outside of Chicago, I took two 2nd place podiums in triathlons, and a 2nd place in a local 5.5mi road race.


Riding with Tom Danielson. I got to do a 50mi ride with Tom Danielson, speak with him during the ride and get some good pack riding in.


Working with Gordo Byrn and the folks at Endurance Corner.


PRs at both Rev3 Quassy and Patriotman. These races are two weeks apart, I raced them both last year and this year. I improved overall my overall placing and time at both races.


By the time Patriotman was done I was burned out, by August I was ready to race again. I started my season early with Abu Dhabi in March and finished on July 3rd with a 5k. I then took some downtime and raced a few local races.


I struggled throughout the year to accept my placing at races, regardless of how well others told me I did. I certainly have different standards for myself than others have for me. So when I placed 11th overall at a race, I was upset that I did not break the top 10. While I set PRs at two major races, I was upset that my times did not improve more.


Looking back over the year, I am content.  I have nothing to complain about; I rode outside more this past year than I did the previous two years combined. I started coaching my first athlete and then a few others. While most are new to running, all are running frequent, uninjured and enjoying themselves. Another win.


I also had the opportunity to meet some great people, interact with people at the highest level of my sport and learn a ton of new things.


Remember, tomorrow is always easier than today was.