2010 Bimbler’s Bash 10kish Race Report

This was my second trail race. This was the first time I was worried about greatly hurting myself during a race. In the week leading up to the race I studied past results and looked to see who was registered this time. I could not understand why all of the times were so slow. I expected to finish in just under an hour. It was not until the race finished that I understood why the times were so slow. For some reason I should have better understood the following quote from the race’s official site, “… at the end it isn’t over…”

There was a false finish at the 10k mark. The actual race length is about a mile long. In addition to that the course is very technical. LOTS of mud. Well over the top of my shoes multiple times. The course is a constant up and down with areas that are straight vertical in which you must stop, walk/climb up boulders and the side of hills.

Aaron Davidson at Bimblers Bash
Aaron at the finish line, I am in the back.

Official Results

So who did I beat?

  • All the women
  • 1 mDot tattoo
  • 8 Pairs of compression socks
  • 2 Guys in tri-club jerseys

Who beat me?

  • A 12yo kid.
  • A bunch of old men.
  • Some guy in tights and an awkward white shirt

As you can see in the photo, I was just edged out. I really came in 20th place, and not 19th. Yesterday at the race I was listed as 6th for Men’s Open, not sure where I got bumped down.

Awesome race, I am happy with how I did. I lost two places when my shoe came untied and another two places when I went off course. Outside of that decisions were well made and I was happy with a top 20 finish that would have netted me a top 10 two years ago.

Start of Bimbler's Bash
Brooks Cascadia Post Race
19th OA Aaron Davidson Groton CT M OPEN 1:04:40 7th AG