10 Fundamentals of Creating a High Performance Settings

The ten fundamental laws of having a great high performance sports system  are:

  1. Find talented athletes (i.e. put in place a talent id program);
  2. Increase (effective and targeted) funding to high performance sport;
  3. Increase the focus on finding, training and developing world class coaches;
  4. Increase the focus and funding for sports science, sports medicine and analysis technologies;
  5. Increase the access to high quality international sporting competitions;
  6. Provide world class high performance sports facilities, e.g. training facilities, gymnasiums, competition venues;
  7. Recruit, train and retain quality sports management staff;
  8. Put in place ongoing “audit” and continuous improvement systems;
  9. Invest in the latest equipment, technology and IT;
  10. Manage the system through an integrated high performance sports system network – typically Academies and Institutes of Sport.

This is from a recent Sports Coaching Brain Article. Great read. However a good setting only creates a setting it does not create winning athletes.