Year End Totals

Much greater totals in 2009 for SBR but lower speeds. This reflects lots of low HR running and more intervals with good recovery on the bike. Looking to boost totals again this year but also show an overall reflection in speed both in training but especially in races.

2009 totals
Bike:         184h 52m 20s – 3254.91 Mi  17.6mph
Run:          152h 09m 53s – 952.43 Mi     6.25mph
Swim:         64h 16m 50s – 186628 Yd
Strength:    37h 05m
Agility:                                30m
Elliptical Training:      1h 15m
Hiking:                          1h 30m
Skiing:                          3h 00m
Snow Shoveling:              30m
Walking:                      4h 00m

2008 totals

Bike:             171h 41m 24s – 3072.52 Mi  17.8mph
Run:               87h 08m 46s – 600.26 Mi   6.9mph
Swim:            63h 52m 18s – 166655 Yd
Strength:      44h 05m
Aerobics:                       1h 00m
Bowling:                       2h 30m
Elliptical Training:           41m
Misc.:                           13h 25m
Physical Therapy:       6h 45m
Walking:                     14h 30m
Yard Work:                 15h 30m