2009 Timberman 70.3 RR

Short Version:
I crashed.

Long Version:

I went camping. Had to setup at night in the rain, Friday night. Saturday was eating and getting everything ready. Had some time to relax hang out with a friend at the dinner and for S’mores.

Woke up Sunday morning early, feeling great. No caffeine. I had packed up all my stuff the night before. Walked about 1mi to the shuttle buses at Gunstock. Got right on a bus and headed to Ellacoya for the race.

Honestly I thought my swim was much better. Got caught up at the beginning at towards the middle. Then found feet and drafted some. I thought this would have been about 5min faster. At the same time, I feel like I used no energy coming out of the water.

One punch to the head, some foot grabbing, some bumping. After I got free in the middle, I passed quite a few people.

I may have pushed the bike too hard, but no idea since, I did not finish.

So my crash. I was coming down a hill (Mobile on the right, some bank on the left), there were cones at the bottom, I was slowing down and starting to turn. All of the sudden it felt like I was no longer turning. So I went to turn, and next thing I know it felt like the front of my bike exploded.

I did not black out, I remember going over the handlebars, with my bike flipping over me. There was a brief moment where I was like f’me. Landed. I got up and yelled that I crashed and I thought I was hurt. I laid down. Not sure if I got my bike and parts off the course or someone else did.

There was a Police Officer and two volunteers. One of the volunteers was a nurse. I could not move my left arm/shoulder much. I was coherent. EMTs came, checked me out, nothing broken.

I got cleaned up, still hurting, but I kept gaining more movement in my left arm.

Still not positive what happened except that I sheared my handle bars off, the steering tube broke in the handlebars. Landed on my head, which was both a good thing and bad. Good in that if I had landed on my side I probably would have broken something or had much worse road rash. I cracked my helmet in a few places on the inside. It saved my life for sure.

EMTs asked if I wanted to go to the hospital. Declined. Sat around for what felt like forever waiting for a ride back from the sag wagon. Eventually got picked up, and rode back with people that had had various issues and had stopped their races. I asked if I could still run.

I was told that I would have to turn my timing chip in first and that I could then go out and run if I felt up to it.

Up to the crash, I felt great on the bike. The big thing was fluid/food intake. I had had two bottles of Gatorade, 1 of water, 4-5gels. Way more than what I took in at RI70.3.

Great run, but I had a long time to recover after biking. Started with a headache. It faded just past the turn around on the first loop.

Timberman is run nearly perfect and just a great time all weekend. Apparently the shuttle buses back to Gunstock after the race had long wait times. I could not find the massage area. I would prefer if the race was on Saturday. Great food and a free margarita post-race. I plan on coming back next year.