Ironman 70.3 Rhode Island Race Report

Here it is: Race Report

Decent enough race. Poor sleep because of traveling up really affected me for a variety of reasons, and I think it led to my downfall.

Few things slowed me down. I probably had an extra .2-.3mi worth of swim because of thinking well people are on both sides I must be going the right direction. I was up at 2am, I ate maybe 1/4 or 1/3 a serving of oatmeal and coffee. I had two bars to eat. I had planned to eat one prerace sitting around, and the 2nd out on the bike. I had to do both before the race started because I got hungry.

On the bike, I did not think I went too hard, and my PT shows that I went good but nothing too too hard. I took in almost nothing on the bike. I tried but could not manage much because it was cool and overcast out. I also tried HARD to pee on the bike for 10min. I think I almost did twice. I will explain in not graphic details later. Really I kept my power under control on the hills. I think had I pushed (perceived effort), I could have ridden to 2:40.

So the run started with severe intestinal cramping from not being able to digest what little I took in on the bike. Got better as I progressed and consumed gatorade on course. 2nd aid station I decided sponges were AWESOME. Grabbed an extra wet/cold one. This was the first time I have worn socks in a triathlon. I also wore my Brooks Launch were are awesome running shoes. However this sponge went right down my front and soaked my shoes and socks. So for 11miles my feet were soaked. THE HILL was not that bad. My intestinal cramping was killing me, but I managed to run nearly the entire run. Walked aid stations later on and half THE HILL on the 2nd loop. I was hoping to be closer to 1:50.

AWESOME VOLUNTEERS. Police had shut down probably half of the state for us. Outside of logistical issues prior to the race, and poor postrace food, it was an awesome time. Race itself is great.