Brooks Launch & Mystic River Valley Triathlon Results

It has been a long time coming, but I finally need to update.  First triathlon of the season went well enough.

Only real issue was with my swim seeding, I was too conservative.

I took 4th in the Mystic River Valley Triathlon for my AG (M25-29), 27th overall if you remove the two people who started in the wrong wave.

Race Report


Brooks Sports has also been kind of enough to send me a pair of their new shoes the Launch. They are not available for purchase quite yet.

Brooks Launch Tongue

Not sure how I feel about the orange yet. Outside of that, they are awesome. First run was a 12miler, with no discomfort. Followed by a quick 2.5miler before a swim. More runs to come, and a full review as well.

Good results, great shoes, and I now I have Lyme Disease as well. Just diagnosed. Tons of antibiotics to follow. Not sure how this is going to effect my training/racing.

Next race in RI790.3 followed by Timberman and then Kona.