New Bedford 1/2 Marathon RR

Woke up, I had ground my coffee, filled the maker with water and set the timer, so I woke up to a few great cups of 53x11coffee, oatmeal, sat around for awhile. Then realized I was still hungry so I had a slice of bread with Nutella on it, about to walk out the door, still felt empty, so had another half a PB&J sandwich.

Race was at 11am, I hate ‘late’ races, too much time to sit around. Finally made the 80mile drive up to New Bedford.

Walked around, figured out where to pick up my race packet, dropped it in the car and looked for the Port-A-Potties. Stood in line waiting for the bathroom. Line was moving super slow, some of the doors were marked ‘locked’ but I had seen anyone moved, I asked if people saw anyone go in, they thought they had, finally first guy in line knocked, 3 Port-A-Potties where empty. Line moved much quicker.

Then jogged around for awhile and shed some layers. I still had a ton of time, so I sat around debating what to wear.

Actual run was pretty good. Went out a bit too fast, passed the Hoyts, then settled in and pushed more and more the further I got into the race. I got passed and passed a ton of people throughout the run.

Sort of disappointed at my overall time. It was a great PR for me.  Turns out race was chip-timed, but it wasn’t chip timed. It counted your chip as you finished but not as you started, so people that were seeded further back got hurt. Normally it doesn’t matter.

What could I have done to improve? Check my Garmin 305 in the morning (it was DOA), I was up for 2.5hours before I left. I think I could have pushed a bit more after the initial hills.

Test out new shorts on a longer run. I wore a pair of Brooks Infiniti shorts, super comfortable. However I had worn them once before.  They are my first pair of ‘short’ shorts. My normal running shorts are just around/just past mid thigh. These are short. My legs don’t really touch, or at least I never thought they did. Sometime around mile 5 my thighs starting burning, by mile 9 they were on fire. I do not think this really effected my race much, except that it added some serious pain. I thought I lubed up well, but didnt go down far enough.

Seriously an awesome race. Everything was setup perfectly. Shops had post-race discounts, tons of free food I skipped out on. Only improvement would have been Gatorade or something similar at the water stations.

Results: 1:36:06