Goals for 2009

 So I have been thinking about goals in 2009, what I want to do, what I already have planned and where I want to be. Goals should be SMART. Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-based.  So these are all for 2009, so check time off, achievable? check, realistic? check. My fitness and race are specific and measurable. The general goals, not so much. However as long as long asI stay consistent more than anything I will be happy.


  • Be a good father
  • Stay healthy
  • Stay fit
  • Make more money
  • Be consistent
  • Read more
  • Save more


  • Sub 5:00 HIM
  • Sub 19:59 5k
  • 1:30 half marathon


  • Run 1000 Miles
  • Bike 4000 Miles
  • Swim 300,000 yards (170.4 miles)

It is a little under 1000miles from where I live in CT to where I grew up outside of Chicago, IL. I would like to run that distance over the course of the year, while bike enough to go cross country and then back some. The swim total is really just a double of what I did in 2008. I think as long as I stay healthy and fairly injury free and consistent these goals are obtainable. Working with my coach should help me achieve my race goals. I think I am a good father, everyone says that I am, so as long as I can continue that I will be good to go.

I enjoy my life and would like to continue doing so. Happy New Years!