2008 Totals

I nailed my SBR goals for the year:

2008 (Goals)

  • 3000 Miles Cycling
  • 600 Miles Running
  • 150, 000 Yards Swimming
2008 totals
Bike: 171h 41m 24s  – 3072.52 Mi
Run: 87h 08m 46s  – 600.26 Mi
Swim: 63h 52m 18s  – 166655 Yd
Strength: 44h 05m
Aerobics: 1h 00m
Bowling: 2h 30m
Elliptical Training: 41m
Misc.: 13h 25m
Physical Therapy: 6h 45m
Walking: 14h 30m
Yard Work: 15h 30m

It was a good year for me. A lot of changes, most for the best.  My numbers were good, and a huge change over 2007. I log everything now, have a coach, some serious goals, and a happier more fulfilling life than I started the year with. I like my life.