More Changes for 2009

I am now working with a coach. I had emailed quite a few well know companies, a bunch of individuals. Some were great with responses, while others had bad email address on their websites or were terrible at responding. I chose John Hirsch, we sent a few emails back and forth and spoke on the phone. Talking to him on the phone got me real pumped.

I had already registered for Timberman, I will more than likely be racing RI70.3 along with 2-3 other 70.3 events depending on fitness.

We have periodized the off season for training purposes. I have already started a heavy swim focus which will be followed by a run focus ending with a 10miler or 13.1 race. After which I will start my bike focus which will then lead into my race season.

Ideally I would like to Clearwater qualify, but I can give that another year. Depending on how well I do this year and what I can do schedule-wise in 2010 will determine if I race 70.3, 140.6 or go solely for ultramarathons.

I think having John as my coach will be very beneficial and a much better aid than a PT.