Simon Lessing Quote on Training

“Now lot of athletes feel they can bide their time and hide behind gadgets like power taps and heart rate monitors and fundamentally lose the notion pure hard work gets you to the finish line. I see it all the time. Athletes look for the easy way out. They buy expensive equipment aero helmets training gadgets – power taps, and constantly hold themselves back. They have notion that it is easier to do it that way. But the bottom line is this is a hard sport. You have to swim, bike and run and the combination makes for a physically grueling, tough sport. There is nothing like hard work.”  –Simon Lessing

While I think this holds true, the gadgets can help if you use them properly, but I do read race reports all of the time from people trying to hold back and lower their HR and their Watts, I go full out and races and I have always figured if I blow up, I messed up in training, not in racing.