2009 Races and Goals…HELP!!!

I am racing a 50mile Ultramarthon in April (10-12th) 2009, I would like to do Nutmegman 1/2 (September 20th, 2009). I am torn if I want to race IMKY or do Mooseman (1/2) in June and Beach to Battleship (1/2) in November 2009.

So choices are

1) Ultra, IMKY, maybe Nutmegman
2) Ultra, Mooseman, Nutmegman, and maybe B2B
3) ?

The conundrum is this, I honestly am not sure if I can get in enough long rides to truly be ready for IMKY. The distance really does not intimidate meet, as much as my lack of long bike rides. I also enjoy ocean swims, and like my wetsuit (DeSoto), so in that respect IMKY is a bit of a turnoff.