2008 Niantic Bay Triathlon

Unfortunately the ‘official’ pictures that are linked from the event’s website are garbage. So no good pictures.

Results: http://www.coolrunning.com/results/07/ct/Aug5_Nianti_set1.shtml
Event Website: http://www.hartfordmarathon.com/foundationnew/calendar/nianticbay.htm

Pre-race routine:

Woke up, showered, ate a bagel and had some coffee. Then got into my car and headed to the race. Parking was 1/2 mile away, maybe more. Good walk into the venue.


Event warmup:

I got into the water swam around a bit, floated, and then waited. I felt very comfortable in the water.



I was some what timid. I tried to draft and was doing well, didnt sight for a bit looked and saw no one in front of me, up to this point I was in the middle of the pack, I had to swim back a considerable distance to get on course (150+yards?) and rejoin who I could. From this point on I was swimming neck and neck with some guy and we kept accidentally bumping.

Good swim in, I saw maybe a total of 3 jellyfish, all on the way in


What would you do differently?:

Sight better, not be so timid.




Long run from the beach, up a hill, across a field and then down into transition. Given the distance it was very quick. I love my wetsuit, it takes virtually no effort to remove.


What would you do differently?:

Take a few seconds to make sure my Garmin was all set.



I was surprised by the course. I thought it would be flatter, but the hills apparently played to my strengths. On the second hill when I was passing people I thought that maybe I was pushing to hard and that they would pull me at the crest of the hill. It never happened. I would pass people on the hills and just drop them.

Until I dropped my chain. It was on the biggest downhill. I was switching to a harder gear and the chain popped off towards my shoe. I actually got tangled in it, and was unable to move my foot at first. I got my foot loose, but the crank was now jammed. I coasted for a very long time, and eventually stopped and worked on getting the chain back on. It was jammed on the derailurer, I got frustrated and kicked it, which did nothing. Somehow I got it back on. I think I lost about 2minutes.

I ended up repassing most of the people that passed me while I was fixing my bike.


What would you do differently?:

Not drop my chain.




Coming into T2, a guy wiped out in front of me. I was only half out at the time and went down as well so that I didnt run over his head. I was right back up and running. Cut my hand and ran with it bleeding. Honestly if the fall slowed me down it was for 10seconds.


What would you do differently?:

Not wipeout on the downhill dismount.



I thought I would blow up on the run and that I was going out to fast. Instead I ran one of my best runs ever. When I was checking my pace I always saw it between 7:15-7:45min/mile. I guess I didnt check to often. I hated the run on the beach, I got passed. I got passed at the start of the run by a few people, and then eventually was able to catch up to some others. I ran with Trigirl069, who took 7th overall female and 2nd in her AG.


What would you do differently?:

Push a bit more? I wasnt that tired afterwards.


Warm down:

Got a Popsicle, took off my shoes and went out into the water. Ocean felt awesome. Not sure what they had for food, I saw watermelon and some anti-pasta bean salad thing. I grabbed some watermelon.


What limited your ability to perform faster:

Drinking on Friday? My chain falling off. Lack of OWS experience. Overall I did great.


Event comments:

Definitely racing again next year. I really really enjoyed myself today. There should have been more volunteers on the bike course. A few times I had no idea if I was supposed to turn or not. Apparently I stayed on course, it could have been better marked.

Honestly I did awesome and I am really happy with my performance. It was a good venue.


No idea what the actual distances were, I have heard 3.2-3.5miles for the run and 11-12miles for the bike, since my Garmin wasnt functioning properly, I have no idea what the actual distances were.