De Soto Wetsuits

I finally managed to get a new wetsuit. After much contemplation, pricing consideration and acting as a wetsuit stripper at Ironman 70.3 RI, I went with De Soto. I have always been ‘awkwardly’ sized. When I used to lift, I had a very large chest, back and arms for my height which made shirts difficult to fit right without modifications. Until recently I have had huge quads.

De Soto offered the best choices for sizing and the most customization. I choose the Firstwave Pullover and the Speedtube 5 pants. I opted to not get a bibjohn.  I can not believe how quick I can get the wetsuit off. It takes considerable work to fit myself into my top, once I am in and especially in the water I feel great. The wetsuit really does just slide right off.

On a different note, I got a De Soto Skin Cool Jersey which does not fit correct, while their singlet fits great. I have also been a huge fan of Pearl Izumi tri-shorts and cycing shorts. I have always had ust one problem with them, they have always been long. I feel like while they feel great, fit around my legs well that they are just long and I have to pull them up high.

I received a pair of the De Soto Carrera Low-Cut Tri Shorts I have not yet worn them on a run or on the bike, I did wear them underneath my wetsuit to swim, they dried very quickly afterwards and felt great. There are no seams in the front, they actually have an added soft mesh to the chamois. One thing to be aware of is the 8ft long waist strap. After I tie them, they the drawstring does really fall down more than halfway to my knees. Also because the top does not have the same elasticity that my PI shorts do, I feel like I can over-tighten.