Two Great Articles

From Men’s Health regarding the Tarahumara Mexicans and their ability to run and live longer than most people. A quote, “You wouldn’t jump off a ladder and land on your heels, right?” Mierke asks. “Same with running. If you land on your heel, your leg is straight, and the impact is smashing into one joint after the other. If you land on your forefoot, however, with the leg bent, it absorbs shock using elastic tissues instead of bone.”

The second is from Sport’s Illustrated and their coverage of the first & second Ironman races. It really puts into perspective what it is people accomplish and go through. A quote, “The 1978 event began as an experiment and included a mixed bunch of casual entrants. One fellow could barely tread water. Another bought a bicycle and learned to ride it the day before the race. In the run, a contestant stopped at McDonald’s for a soft drink. The man who won the swim had a bad knee from an old karate injury and needed eight hours to complete the marathon.”