2008 Race Season

Tentatively the following are the races that I intend to compete in:

3/29/2008 Wirefly National Marathon
4/20/2008 Wrentham Duathlon
5/24/2008 US Coast Guard Duathlon
8/10/2008 Park City Bridgeport Olympic Triathlon
9/7/2008 Firmman 1/2 Iron
10/7/2008 Chicago Marathon
10/26/2008 Wrentham Halloween Duathlon

Along with the two local sprint triathlons hosted by the local YMCAs, and I will also probably run a bunch of 5k, 8k, 10k races as the weather gets better in the spring.

I may also actively join a local bike racing circuit, that races on a weekly basis so that I can work solely on speed over short distances.