First Triathlon

I competed in the second annual Ocean City Triathlon, in Misquamicut, RI. It was a great time. I was surprised by the amount of people there that were hardcore with the racing. There were three much larger events going on in Connecticut on this past Sunday.

I swam in a cheap pair of spandex and short swim shorts. A wetsuit would have been nice, as I was about one of a dozen people not in one.

The swim was a very long 1/2 mile buoy to buoy swim, with a swim out to the first buoy and back in from the second. Water was perfect, but I was unable to relax in the water, spending the majority of the swim on my back.

What I lacked in the water I made up for on the bike, I passed a good 30 people on the bike. My first transition went fast and smooth except for the fact I forgot to drink anything and was trying to drink while almost done with my first lap on the bike. However I was still wearing the swam thing I swam in, just with an added shirt now, so my rear-end was feeling the pain.
The run went as well as I thought it would go. I did get passed by a few (4) people on the run, and passed one person myself.

Overall I was happy with my time and enjoyed the race. I finished in 1:55. So just under two hours.