Prometheus Deception

For the past year I was working 60 hours/week and had many other commitments (mainly family), as a result I was unable to read as much as I like to. Recently I was able to start reading again (more reviews to come), and join a local library that I did not know even existed. Once again not related to marketing or branding, but still related to my life.
First up is another awesome book by Robert Ludlum. You can find a large chunk of the book on Google Books. Published in October of 2001, shortly after 9/11.

The book is about a spy (like most of his books), Nick Bryson who works for an organization called the Directorate. This is an organization with no governmental oversight and can get away with things normal agencies could not.

Bryson is told by his boss/mentor that he is being put out for retirement and will now be a college professor in the east coast. Bryson does not like this fact but takes the new position after almost 20 years in the field. It is very hard not to give away some large plot twists in the book, definitely worth the read.

The books takes place in various places within the United States, on a Supertanker that has been converted to a gigantic arms shop, and many places abroad. If you enjoy action/spy novels this one can be picked up cheap used or free from your local library.