Productivity Online & Offline

I enjoy reading how others stay productive (this causes my productivity levels to decrease BTW), so I have decided to share some tips that I use to stay productive through the day.


  • Take notes
  • When you are done with a document immediately put it back from where it came.
  • Clean your desk
  • Get your 8hours of sleep a night
  • Stay away from caffeine, if you are an addict, slowly get off it and watch how much better you feel (after the shakes and cold sweats stop)
  • Turn off the TV


  • Kill your IRC/IM/Chat window
  • Check email, once an hour at most
  • Ideally close or minimize all applications that you do not NEED to use currently. This helps you stay focused, and there is less need for multitasking.


  • Walk away. Leave whatever it is you are doing for 5-10minutes an hour unless you are really into the flow. Otherwise walkaway, get something to drink, step outside for some frsh air, or grab a snack.
  • First thing in the morning, plan out your day. Do not read the news DO NOT check your email. Sit down at a piece of paper or on your computer and schedule your entire day with as much detail as possible. This will help you stay on task and remember what it is you should be doing.
  • Listen to music, I listen to stuff with little to no words and a semi-repetitive beat, this helps my typing get into a regular rhythm. Try to stay away from anything new.

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