Sam & Max Strike Back

Whizzer from Sam&Max

So word on the street today is that Sam & Max will have a sequel. The new game will be released in episodes which is similar to the new Sin game. I havent played it nor have I downloaded it. However they release different episodes over time keeping consumers coming back for more. The first episode of Sam & Max will be available from GameTap starting October 17th, and available elsewhere online for purchase November 1st. the first game was simply awesome. The original was made by LucasArts using their old Scumm game engine which has been ported to both Xbox and the Nintendo DS.
It contained:

Worlds Largest Ball of Twine
MiniGolfing over Alligators, with Max as the Club.
A Bigfoot Convention.
And Carnies.

IGN Exerpt: “Just under a year ago, indie studio Telltale Games acquired the rights to make games based on the underground comic Sam & Max: Freelance Police. The news was a godsend to many old-school gamers who loved the first game the comic inspired, 1993’s Sam & Max Hit the Road, and lamented the 2004 cancellation of its sequel, Sam & Max: Freelance Police.”

A fun and interested interview with one of the designers from TellTale, who worked with LucasArts for a longtime.

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