As some people know, I have some extra time on my hands right now. I am bored, but I try to stay productive doing things. Over the years I have struggled with how to stay productive and stay focused. I still have these problems but have managed to minimize these problems. So how do I stay productive? focused? and just plain remember?

Its not that complicated, although it may sound complicated. The biggest thing for me is to write stuff down, and type it into the computer. You can do one or the other if you so choose, but I need both. Also, if you must get something done, and do not absolutely need an internet connection, unplug it.

The internet KILLS your time.

I use plain yellow sticky-notes, when around my apartment to write notes and make lists. I move these into OmniOutliner, which I believe is a Mac only software that allows to to create lists, drag text, drag pictures, drag anything and capture just about anything. I use the regular version since it meets all of my needs.

While I am not a fan of most Google applications, I have started using Google Calender, to keep track of appointments. There is a plug-in for my MacBook that puts a little icon at the taskbar so I can quickly add, and check appointments.

If you can manage, unplug your mouse. It may not seem like much time can be wasted, using a mouse. However think about how much you move it through out the day. When possible use keyboard shortcuts. When I first moved to the Macintosh platform, from Windows I found the software and interface lacking in shortcuts. However not to worry, there is software called MenuMaster, that allows any dropdown, in any piece of software to have a shortcut of your choosing assigned to it.

I also use a piece of software called QuickSilver. It allows you to run any piece of software and run different commands with it. For example, I can open QuickSilver, tell it to send an email then type part of an address (QuickSilver will recognize everything on your computer), and type a short message. Boom its sent. Did not have to launch any software, or do anything. QuickSilver is Free and besides for Keynote it is the single greatest piece of software for Macs.

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Omni Outliner $39.95-$69.95