Living the Mac Life

A few months ago, after my dislike of my Dell laptop (for no real reason), had brewed long enough, Apple released their MacBooks. I bought one, a black one. It was an easy transition over, especially with the educational discount for Office and iWork.

Now why would I switch to a Mac? Keynote.

if you have ever created a presentation in Powerpoint or had to sit through Powerpoint presentations, you get to a point where you realize the software is boring and blah. Keynote isnt, the transitions alone, will make a crummy presentation become instantly entertaining. The first time I used the software all I heard were “Ohhh,” “How did you do that?”

But alas, Powerpoint can not do what Keynote can. That is really the reason why I switched. When I was looking for more information about Keynote, after seeing it in action for the first time, I found this site to be very useful: Micheal Hyatt CEO of some publishing company talking about switching and the virtues of Keynote.